God's Dogs
God's Dogs

God's Dogs

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Buddhist fighting monks meet corporate greed, conquering emperors, and political collusion in the 24th Century. . The quiet Buddhist world of Penglai found room for the 'twenty percent' of the population that are hard wired for 'protection.' It's the 200 year old Coyote Program that provides unique Special Operations squads, trained like latter-day Shaolin monks, to various hot spots in League space. Oddly, they are one of the few organizations ready for war when the Empire of Man begins its assault on the League of Worlds. Yet this is but the first challenge, as more complex battles emerge once the Empire threat is confronted. These larger challenges include the galactic political environment human super-intelligent A.I.s (ASIs) have discovered. The story follows, primarily, one four-person Coyote team as they battle against insurmountable odds to protect the League from annihilation.

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