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Hairwolf is a sci-fi-rom-com full of fun and adventure. When you're all that matters in your world, life in the shadows can be easy. But add one, pain in the ass best friend and your shadows begin to fade like smooth skin on a full moon night. Such is the case for Stefanie, a werewolf from the age of ten, abandoned by family and any prospect of a normal life, who has sought the expertise of “best friend” and Hypnotherapist, Lillian, to help get to the source of her condition – from whom Stef has managed to keep a secret until now. Stef wants to learn the events of that day which she has blocked out. Who infected her? Are there others? Can she have children and if so will they be normal or will they grow up to chase and eat the neighbors? Lillian, obviously skeptical of the whole werewolf thing, believes this to be text-book trauma for sexual abuse and demands to be present on Stef's upcoming full moon romp. Somewhat confident that Lillian will not be on the dinner menu, Stef accepts the condition and the adventure begins. The two soon find themselves in the cross-hairs of a second werewolf, two Maine State Game Wardens and a lot more truth than either had expected.

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