Her Soul and His Blood
Her Soul and His Blood

Her Soul and His Blood

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Her locket started glowing and she had a burning sensation on her birthmark. When their eyes are locked she thought that his gaze would swallow her up completely. His eyes were scanning her body. She barely breathes some air and then looked away. Even he found something strange in her. She sat in her seat and started to scan him. His eyes were dark black, and he had a glittering white skin. It was hard for her to look away. She had a feeling that she knew him for years, but she is seeing him for the first time. He was still looking at her, her beautiful eyes, nose, and that rosy, juicy lips. He was craving for something. His eyes were intense. "It's a strange feeling, what's happening to me" She was asking this question to herself. From the corner of the cafeteria, he was still gazing at her. His eyes were flickering and glowing. Suddenly his pupil color changed from black to red.

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