Honored (Book 2 of the In Search of Honor series)
Honored (Book 2 of the In Search of Honor series)

Honored (Book 2 of the In Search of Honor series)

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Liv found a life and honor in her new village. She found a purpose. She was a weaver. She had the orphan Jade to look after. But the City still looms over her. She cannot escape its long shadow. When Liv learned that the only cure to a disease she picked up outside the city was back in the Wall of the City. She realized she would have cross the wastes covered in radiation again and face the city that one exiled her. If she went back she might be killed anyway, and she wouldn't get to see Jade grow up. The City haunts Liv. To get the revenge on the King and the Honored life style that she once sought, she must return, but the life she has found outside the City holds her down. In truth, she does not want to return, but she has no choice because her life inside a bubble wrapped city left her vulnerable to the disease of the outside world. She has no choice other than to return to learn the secrets that she left behind when she fled the city, and embrace her old wishes, her past, and her fear. Honor and revenge await her at the end if she can survive, and if it's still what she desires. Are the things she thinks she desires truly what matter to her? Can she sacrifice everything for honor and the revenge?

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