Legends of Amacia Rise of the Caverias
Legends of Amacia Rise of the Caverias

Legends of Amacia Rise of the Caverias

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Having survived the Black Fortress, Hanna;s destiny is set into motion as she seeks answers in the fabled Antilla. Will she find help or death? Picking up where Volume 4 Heart of Darkness leaves off, Rise of the Caverias starts with an update on Hanna’s condition in Acheron after having escaped the Black Fortress and the Emperor with her life. Having survived wounds that should have killed her outright, Hanna finds herself crippled after awakening from a two-week coma. She also finds herself tormented by not just the memories of what happened in the Black Fortress’ arena, but also by psychic dreams of the enigmatic Enoch Caverias and his Lynxian wife, Kida...the reputed last direct descendants of Thoth Caverias and his Lynxian wife Ariel. Driven by the dreams, Hanna realizes the answers she needs lies on the fabled isle of Antilla...home of Enoch and Kida. Therefore, she enlists Nathanael to be her bodyguard and the draken Argus, who knows the location of the legendary island, to take her to Enoch and Kida, who promise in the psychic dreams to help her and the people resist the Emperor. Taking a leap of faith, Hanna goes to Antilla not knowing what she will find. Will she find the answers she seeks or will the fabled isle of Antilla claim yet another victim? Hanna's full destiny is now set in motion. Will she survive?

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