Legends of Amacia The Caverias Rebellion
Legends of Amacia The Caverias Rebellion

Legends of Amacia The Caverias Rebellion

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Starting where Volume 5 leaves off, the Caverias Rebellion is just what it implies…open rebellion against the Emperor by Hanna and all who resist the Emperor. Discovering Enoch Caverias is real with access to the machinery of the fabled Red Tower of Tsang Chi, Hanna finds far more help in her conflict with the Emperor than expected. Enoch and his family join Hanna’s rebellion, helping her in many ways. Together, they plan a daring raid using the Red Tower’s portal generator to rescue Selina and everyone else who’re trapped the Black Fortress. At the end of Volume 5, Hanna penetrates the Acheron citadel...the Cadre’s old headquarters before the Deluge. She finds great allies and terrible enemies along with two powerful relics of the Caverias line: Thoth Caverias’ Sword and Seal. She kills three Old Ones to retrieve these relics, rescues a brood of friendly drakens, a group of hybrid descendants of the Cadre’s 1st Age failed experiments, and the ancient Muriel. The fight with the Old Ones in the chasm of Acheron beneath the citadel leaves Hanna with a charred, ghoulish appearance, which she uses when she launches her raid into the Black Fortress with a small army of volunteers. What will Hanna find when she returns to the Black Fortress for Selina and her fellow prisoners? Will Hanna succeed in freeing everyone or will the Emperor annihilate them? Read on to find out.

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