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LifeWild is a 67,700-word young adult novel filled with humor, action, suspense and even romance as Haley and Arthur struggle to find their place in an ever changing and not always welcoming society. Arthur escapes from the facility that created him and encounters Haley. The unlikely pair embarks on a mission to free the others like him held captive which, if successful, will permanently alter humankind as we know it. Arthur, a sixteen-year-old victim of illegal genetic modification, has lived at the Compound his entire life, never knowing any sense of freedom and assuming constant abuse and at some point being sold to the highest bidder is customary. He has always been tough enough to handle the treatment of his captors, but when he overhears two of them talking about what they are going to do to one of the females, he becomes blinded with fury and his feral nature takes over, nearly destroying the facility before he finally runs off into the woods. Seventeen-year-old Haley thought her life growing up in a small mountain town was a normal one. Her only compulsion, a love of the outdoors and exploring the wild, was supported and encouraged by her parents. On the eve of one of her camping trips, she discovers she is not only adopted, but the adoption was not even legitimate. Still reeling from this discovery, a series of events finds her critically wounded and on the run.

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