Men of Truth (The Wasteland Soldier #4)
Men of Truth (The Wasteland Soldier #4)

Men of Truth (The Wasteland Soldier #4)

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The first world has gone. This is the second world. Stone is back – angrier than ever, and determined to bring violent justice to those around him. Stranded in hostile territory and burdened with the mission of a dead man, he will have to be at his most ruthless to survive. Six months have passed since the collapse of the Place of Bridges and Stone strikes a deal that could reunite him with his companion, Nuria. Only the deal is cloaked in lies and soured by murder leaving Stone to pick up the pieces. But as lies unravel into truths he learns that the first-world still has an iron grip around the throat of the second one. And whilst justice is always worth fighting for – Stone discovers that some things might just be worth dying for.

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