Moon Fall
Moon Fall

Moon Fall

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Mankind has reached out to the stars and found nothing. On one planet filled with miracles, a mystery in and of itself, will mankind's exploratory nature be rekindled? The Whiteholm expedition. Light Years from Earth, on a planet that scientifically should not exist, lies a dark secret that neither it or it's two smaller moons will tell easily. Deep inside the depths of the pock marked coral like planet, with it's massive equatorial dust storm, something amazing was found. Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, called Whitewater had been discovered by those who had come to live on the moon sized planet White Home. This liquid could be manipulated into creating anything from flesh to steel, yet the substance could not be removed from the planet nor duplicated. White Home became a paradise and a place of healing. Things constructed could be removed from the planet after a time, your age could be reversed, a limb replaced. Within a given time you could leave a happy healthier man or woman. After many years, Founding member Dr. Peiter Hollman, unable to move on after his wife's tragic death, spent his days managing the Environmental Department. One day he receives a message from an old colleague. The Whitewater he blames for his wife's death might be his only way of discovering he mysteries before Moon Fall.

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