My Quick-witted Baby (Arabella and Kenneth)
My Quick-witted Baby (Arabella and Kenneth)

My Quick-witted Baby (Arabella and Kenneth)

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"My Quick -Witted Baby Novel: Arabella and Kenneth's Unpredictable Romance" - a dramatic and humorous story, where love begins with obstacles. The novel revolves around the life of Arabella Snyder, returning from the countryside to marry Kenneth Lucero and deal with the bad luck rumored about him. However, things did not stop here when Arabella, a smart and cunning girl, suddenly fell into bad situations, crying and laughing, especially when the secrets hidden behind each character were opened.

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CP: Arabella and Kenneth

Arabella Snyder is brought back from the countryside by her family to marry Kenneth Lucero and counteract his supposed bad luck. On a train journey, a dangerous encounter ensues when a man falls into her compartment, followed by a group of assailants. The attackers threaten Arabella, but she cleverly uses a concealed needle to incapacitate their leader. The supposedly comatose man in the compartment then reveals himself to be alive and takes down the remaining assailants. Arabella's rescuers arrive, and it turns out the man is Kenneth Lucero himself. After the confrontation, Arabella asserts her impending marriage into Floweret Garden as a deterrent, and Kenneth, intrigued, promises they will meet again. Later, at the wedding venue, tensions rise between Arabella and her half-sister Leia, who belittles Arabella's past and questions her status in the family.


My quick-witted baby novel Arabella and Kenneth review:

With "My Quick-Witted Baby Novel", readers will not only experience a sweet love story, but also immersed in classic secrets and unforeseen confrontations. Enjoy the journey of Arabella and Kenneth, where the secrets are opened, and each page is a surprise adventure. Read free right on the GW-Reader app!

Unraveling Secrets - Leia's Discovery:

Leia, Melvin's companion, delves into the mystery surrounding Arabella's mother and her impact on Kenneth's life. Melvin reveals intriguing details, shedding light on the enigmatic woman who continues to influence Floweret Garden. Leia's curiosity and Melvin's cryptic responses add layers to the plot, setting the stage for future revelations.

A Riveting Twist - Melvin and Leia's Scheme:

Leia, fueled by jealousy and resentment, collaborates with Melvin to undermine Arabella's reputation. The story takes a dark turn as their scheme unfolds, threatening to expose Arabella's vulnerabilities. The intricate web of deceit and manipulation adds suspense and intrigue to the narrative, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

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My Quick-witted Baby novel read online free Chapter 21:

She sent a picture of herself in a bathing suit to Kenneth!

There was a peace agreement between the two, so they had each other's contact. Plus, Arabella remembered asking, "Do you want to add each other on Line?"

Kenneth, the business tycoon, frowned slightly at the time, obviously not having used it. However, when he returned that night, he had a Line on his phone and added her.

What was she doing?

Was she an idiot?

Arabella quickly thought of deleting it, but it was too late, so the time allowed for her to delete had expired.

She was really going crazy.

On the other side, she received Aurora's Line message again. Aurora had sent her a few pictures. [Let me see if your circumference has changed. Recently Victoria's Secret has come out with a few new nightgown styles. Go find out the taste of your man.

[What about this? Even though it looks hot, it still looks adorable.

[What about this one? It looks innocent but it's burning with desire.]

Arabella, "..."

The company's top executives were sitting on both sides of the long conference table in the VIP conference room. Meanwhile, the CFO was reporting on the year's sales.

Everyone held their breath and listened carefully, but they still could not help but steal glances at the man sitting in the main seat.

Today, Kenneth was wearing a fitted black suit with a white silk scarf folded in his suit pocket. He had pushed the fringe on his forehead above his head, revealing his exquisite and handsome features. In addition, his eyes were looking down and he was focused on flipping through the documents, exuding the charming quality of a successful businessman in his every move.

Noble, mature, powerful, tricky, and inconstant.

The VIP conference room was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. Suddenly, a phone made a 'ding' sound.

Everyone's eyes moved to Kenneth at once. The ringing came from the phone next to him.

Kenneth looked up and his phone alerted him that he had a Line message.

He asked his secretary to download Line and added only one person.

And that person was Arabella.

At this moment, Cole, his secretary, came over and leaned down, asking what he wanted to do.

Kenneth raised his hand and dismissed Cole. Then, he also asked the CFO and the executives to continue the meeting.

When everyone looked away, Kenneth opened Line on his phone and saw the picture that Arabella had sent.

Arabella had just gotten out of the hot spring. She was wearing a grass green floral swimsuit, her long hair that was as pure as silk was draped over her shoulders, and she was holding the ladder with both hands as she stepped ashore.

It was a frontal photo, but a side photo. Her beautiful side profile and figure looked surprisingly stunning while it was hidden behind an ambiguous veil.

A photo of a beautiful woman getting out of the water. This could be described as adult content.

Ever since they met, Kenneth had never seen her in such bright colors and so little fabric. They were in the same room, and she would cover herself every night.

However, he knew how good her figure was.

Kenneth sent a message back. [Are you teasing me?]

'Teasing me?'

Arabella received those four words very soon. She was furiously blushing and it looked like blood was about to come from her face. She could almost imagine how deep and charming the man's voice was when he said these two words.

At this time, Kenneth sent another message. [It's still morning over where I am.]

They were in a different time zone. It was night here for her, but it was daytime for him.

Arabella touched her little face, and it was red and hot. 'This has nothing to do with whether it's morning or not, you pervert!'

My Quick-witted Baby novel read online free Chapter 22: 

Was he hinting that she should tease him tonight?

Arabella responded quickly. [If I say I made a mistake, would you believe me?]

Kenneth frowned. [Then who do you want to send it to?]

Arabella suddenly felt like she was caught in the act. Hence, she could only take a screenshot of her chat with Aurora and send it to him. [See for yourself.]

Kenneth saw those pajamas, and he raised his sharp eyebrows. His narrow eyes overflowed with the air of a mature man.

He texted her back. [I see, you can buy them all and try them on for me, then I'll tell you which one I like.]

Arabella sat up from the bed, and she read his reply three times before replying to him with trembling fingers. [You hoodlum!]

Kenneth raised his eyebrows when he saw the word 'hoodlum'. After that, a peal of deep and pleasant laughter overflowed from his throat.

She was smart and calm, so she was rarely angry. This time, he knew he had made her nervous.

Kenneth texted her back slowly. [You're scolding me? I'll deal with you when I get back!]


Arabella lay back on the bed again. She was like a cooked prawn now. She could not look at his last text that said, 'I'll deal with you when I get back!'

Closing her eyes forcefully, Arabella shook off Kenneth's hateful yet handsome face in her mind. Then, she began to think about some serious business.

It was obvious that Melvin returned this time to be at odds with her. He was now one of the four giants in Hardgrad. He had power and status, so dealing with him would be very difficult.

This situation was very unfavorable to her.

Plus, it was a little weird. Why did Melvin say she was dirty, and that she was used by others?

Arabella chatted with Aurora about this topic. [Aurora: Melvin is just bluffing, my Bella is still a virgin.]

[Arabella: But why did he say that?]

[Aurora: Go ask him.]

Arabella figured this made sense. It was useless to her to guess, so she needed to find a chance to ask him in person.

[Aurora: Bella, seriously, Melvin is not that difficult to deal with. He likes you. When it comes to men, if you're willing, you can do anything.]

Arabella did not reply. Of course, she understood what Aurora meant. There were actually many ways to turn passive into active when dealing with men who liked her.


At night, Melvin took Leia to the hotel's presidential suite.

Melvin had just taken a shower and was wearing a white bathrobe. He poured a little red wine into the wine glass and took a sip elegantly.

At this time, Leia, who had finished bathing, hugged him from behind. "Melvin, do you think my dad loves Arabella's mummy very much, so that's why he has never forgotten about her for so many years?"

Melvin looked at the neon lights outside the floor-to-ceiling window and curled his thin lips. "Why do you say that?"

"I know that my dad always kept a photo of Arabella's mummy in his wallet. That photo is so precious that he never let anyone touch it, and for so many years, my dad has not allowed anyone to speak ill of Arabella's mum. My mom said that my dad is like a different person today. He values prestige so much that he will never humiliate himself publicly, but he slapped my mom outside the hotel."

A beautiful face appeared in Melvin's mind, and he said lightly, "Arabella's mummy is a legendary woman."

Leia had never seen Arabella's mommy. Arabella's mommy passed away ten years ago. This woman seemed to have evaporated from the world, and it was difficult to hear any information about her when she was still alive.

Leia also thought about how authoritative and powerful someone needed to be to erase all of someone's information in Hardgrad.

Whenever she thought of this, Leia felt scared.

"Melvin, my mother was right, Arabella is great at seducing men. She got married into Floweret Garden to save that guy's life by giving him a wedding to counteract his bad luck, and she's providing for a pretty boy out there. Now, she is connected with Emgrand Hotel. I wonder how many men she's had!"


"My Quick -Witted Baby Novel: Arabella and Kenneth's Unpredictable Romance" - a dramatic and humorous story, where love begins with obstacles. The novel revolves around the life of Arabella Snyder, returning from the countryside to marry Kenneth Lucero and deal with the bad luck rumored about him. However, things did not stop here when Arabella, a smart and cunning girl, suddenly fell into bad situations, crying and laughing, especially when the secrets hidden behind each character were opened.

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