Power Awakens
Power Awakens

Power Awakens

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Jaac wanted to live a simple life, all was going as planned until his Naming Day. A day that would change his life and that of the world he lived in forever. The Nexii would change everything. Jaac starts an incredible adventure that sees him dodging assassins, pursued by demonic creatures, attacked by fanatical warriors and all the while in possession of the greatest power the world has ever seen. On his Naming Day his world is rocked as he is told he is The Nexii. This is something he doesn't fully understand but it drags him and his best friends into a world they could have never have imagined. Pursued by Necro Warriors and DeathPriests they start their journey across Cromus, consorting with Kings and Magicians, fate has chosen them for the greatest task in history. Jaac and his friends have a duty to stop chaos from reigning and save the world and all the people they love.

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