Project Eliora
Project Eliora

Project Eliora

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"Sorry for killing you back there - I had to make sure it wasn't just a scenario" It all seemed like a dream at first, but now she must come to terms with the terrifying truth: she is trapped in a never-ending loop. Nineteen-year-old Elisa Nunez is the only one who can grasp an idea of what is going on as the memories of her townspeople are filled with fake occurrences and reset after the day is done. To add to these strange occurrences, creatures of unknown origin appear, seemingly out of nowhere and wreaking havoc. In her quest to free herself and the town from this strange phenomenon, she crosses paths with a guy with unusual abilities, and they must work together as she slowly comes to face the horrifying truth of the world around her. The longer she spends in the loop, the more she raises questions relating to choice and freedom, realising that living in a world where consequences are forgone each time the loop resets causes one to reveal the dark side of themselves.

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