Rain: Book 3 of Playing for Keeps
Rain: Book 3 of Playing for Keeps

Rain: Book 3 of Playing for Keeps

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I was happy. I was gong to finally be with Beast today. I turned 18 years old. My name is Rain and I have an identical twin sister. My sister's name is Sunshine but she wants Beast for herself. I walked down the hall and and when I got to Beasts room I heard my sister scream faster Beast. Then I waited so long for you Rain. I opened the door and screamed at them. Beast you fucking cheater. He looked at me and yelled Sunshine get the hell out of here. I am not Sunshine I screamed at him. I am Rain. Stop lying he yelled at me. I saw my sister grinning at me. That is Sunshine you are fucking Beast. I turned and ran down the hall. I bumped into mom and she asked why I was crying. Beast is fucking Sunshine and he called me a lair when I told him he was fucking Sunshine. I ran around mom and down the Stairs. I could not believe that Sunshine would do this. I walked to the door and looked into Beast's room. I said, Sunshine when you and Beast are finished I want to see you both in your father's office. I turned and walked away. I heard Beast calling Sunshine a fucking whore and to get your of his room. Then I heard Sunshine tell Beast tat he lost Rain and she would never accept him after he had just fucked her.

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