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A young girl struggles on her own to survive the end of the world that was. But even with her strange new telepathic ability, how long can she survive alone?. Matti Raven is a pretty and popular, sixteen-year-old, talented, suburban high-school athlete. She survives the fiery destruction of Earth’s civilizations by creatures from the stars. Her family does not, and she is alone until her boyfriend, Woody, turns up alive and well among the ashes. They discover they both have inexplicable, new powers. She survived the initial holocaust only by her telepathic ability leading her to shelter. Woody’s power of levitation saves Matti more than once. But then he lures an invader away from their hiding place and fails to return, and she is alone again. Amid ruin, a gang of cutthroats gives Matti the option of joining them, mainly as their sex toy, or to be skinned alive just to see if she is black all the way through. When she opts to fight, she discovers she is no longer alone.

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