Razors M.C. Zero to 100 mph #2
Razors M.C. Zero to 100 mph #2

Razors M.C. Zero to 100 mph #2

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When the Vice President jumps the bar on open night because of a small fight, he was furious. Not that Beetle saw anything, he was too busy serving drinks behind the bar ... Not catching the person who started it all didn't matter, he found them anyway. How could one person who created amazing things allow themselves to get entangled in something so bad! When all Kamryn Tallinger wanted initially was to see her work inside the M.C then leave .... (THIS IS BOOK 2 OF THREE. IT WAS WRITTEN BECAUSE READERS WERE WANTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE RAZORS M.C MEN. HAPPY READING, JACINTA :)

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