Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha
Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha

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Embark on a Riveting Journey with "Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha" by Glorious Eagle

Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha by Glorious Eagle, a captivating tale that explores the tumultuous journey of Rowena Stone, a resilient woman who faces rejection and transforms into a successful doctor. As the narrative unfolds, Rowena's life takes unexpected turns, revealing a path of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of pack dynamics.

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By: Glorious Eagle

Main Characters: Rowena and Jaxon

A Heartbreaking Rejection:

The story begins with a pivotal moment in Rowena's life when Beta Charles Clinton, soon to be Alpha of the Snow Mountain Pack, delivers a devastating rejection. The pain of those hurtful words compels Rowena to leave her pack, seeking solace with her uncle in Canada. The rejection becomes the catalyst for her transformation into a skilled doctor, marking the beginning of an 8-year journey of self-discovery.

A Journey of Healing and Achievement:

Rowena's resilience and determination lead her to enroll in medical school, where she graduates as a doctor. The narrative delicately explores the emotional wounds left by rejection and how Rowena's pursuit of education becomes her source of strength. The years pass, and she finally gathers the courage to return to her old pack, only to find that circumstances have shifted, and a new Alpha, Jaxon Clinton, now leads the pack.

Encountering the Unexpected Alpha:

The moment Rowena's gaze meets Alpha Jaxon Clinton's dark brown eyes, the story takes an unforeseen turn. Questions arise about her worthiness as a mate, especially considering her painful past with Charles. The narrative raises the stakes as Rowena navigates the complexities of her newfound connection with Jaxon while Charles lurks in the background, adding an element of suspense and emotional tension.

Alpha Jaxon Clinton: Ruthless or Redeeming?

As the new Alpha, Jaxon Clinton's character introduces an intriguing dynamic. Described as ruthless and cold, the narrative prompts readers to question how different Jaxon truly is from Charles. The unfolding story explores the multifaceted nature of Jaxon's character, inviting readers to discover whether he will bring healing or more challenges into Rowena's life.

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Glorious Eagle's "Rejected by the Beta Claimed by the Alpha (Rowena and Jaxon) novel" weaves a tale of love, rejection, and unexpected connections within the world of werewolves. provides an immersive platform for readers to delve into the intricacies of Rowena's journey, uncovering the mysteries surrounding her destined mate and the Alpha who may reshape her destiny.

Join Rowena as she navigates the complexities of love, acceptance, and the shadows of her past. "Rejected by the Beta, Claimed by the Alpha" promises a gripping narrative that will resonate with fans of paranormal romance. Immerse yourself in this enchanting story on and witness the transformative journey of a woman scorned and the unpredictable path that fate has in store for her.

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