Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders
Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders

Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders

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Fun eco-adventure set during a daring attempt by an unlikely team of aliens, animals and humans to save Earth from being relegated to the cosmic trash heap.. If you've ever wondered what aliens would find if they visited Earth a hundred years from now, you’re going to love Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders. But there's more to the earthly adventures of this group of space-age prairie dogs than just seeing what a reckless human race did to their planet. Just like people, these interstellar travelers know a thing or two about love, laughter, betrayal and greed that can wreak destruction on a planetary scale. Can the aliens save what's left of the doomed world and guide humanity back to a healthy relationship with their planet? Or is it too late? The answer is inside the pages of Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders.

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