Standing Out
Standing Out

Standing Out

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With a condition that sets her apart from her peers and a sudden illness that crushes her social life, Mya Anderson struggles to find herself. Mya Anderson, who is nine years old at the time of the novel, takes time to reflect on her experiences at school. She is an outcast from the other children her age because she has trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder, and tic disorders in which she has sudden, uncontrollable urges to vocalize or gesticulate. Mya’s sister, Jeanne, plays a comedic role in which she drags Mya into her drama at school with her on-off romance with a boy named Jack and her distaste of Brianna, who has feelings for Jack. All the while, Jessabelle, who is the stereotypical “popular” girl, incessantly bullies her. Mya finds solace in Cindy, who serves as her greatest proponent. Cindy’s other friend, Sara, however, dislikes Mya and is bitter that Mya is essentially taking her friend from her. After several months, Mya becomes feverish and is later rushed to the hospital with periorbital cellulitis. As she recovers, she muses on how she has been treated and who the people are that truly care about her. Apparently, while she was hospitalized, Sara moved away due to Mya’s treatment of her and Mya is incredibly confused. Cindy is heartbroken that her best friend has left her and blames it on Mya, claiming

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