Super Frost: Confessions of a Teenage Superhero
Super Frost: Confessions of a Teenage Superhero

Super Frost: Confessions of a Teenage Superhero

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A fun superhero romp pitch for Marvel Books. "What if Elsa the Snow Queen in Frozen became an Avenger?" Every chapter is named after a Smash Mouth song and includes a killer soundtrack. Violet Jennifer Harris is in big trouble. Not in trouble like Mary Jane Watson in the comic books she reads or the movies she’s seen. But she’s in for it. The first day of her freshman year of high school, Jennifer washed out of Falcon High, a school for young superheroes. She’s even scared to tell her superhero parents that she didn’t get accepted, let alone the fact that their favorite daughter has no powers. She now struggles with the problems of regular high school: bullies, friends, puberty, and boring teachers. She might as well give up building contraptions for herself and face the fact that she might as well be the stupid damsel in need of rescuing. Then in her first semester at Generic High School, Jennifer gets sick with power fever. When her body temperature spikes, her eyes turn deep violet and her hands freeze like ice. She even hears voices of people’s thoughts, which is enough to give her a headache. At that moment, the principal of Falcon High School gets Jennifer to come to her school and start going by her first name.. But when something sinister happens at school, Violet should realize she's more of a hero than she thought.

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