The Cellar City Chronicles
The Cellar City Chronicles

The Cellar City Chronicles

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An escaped science experiment, a twisted mob boss, and a beautiful innocent victim. What do they all have in common? Arrowhead. And what is Arrowhead? No one has a clue, but they're going to find out. Cellar City is a city within a city. Or rather, below a city, Literally. And sort of like the grease trap for a busy kitchen, all the grime drifts down. Among the filth and corruption is Lenora; girl obsessed with finding the man who rescued her from unspeakable horrors. Uncaring of consequence, she is determined to repay him for his acts. Little does she know that he is one of the most broken things down there with her. This mysterious "Black Coat" might be her personal hero - but he is also the bane of the local mob boss. He cuts himself bloody trails through thugs and bouncers in his endless search for answers. Among the questions he asks himself is 'who am I?' and 'where is Arrowhead?' and 'how did I get so good at killing people?' His poor broken brain and her unquestioning loyalty lead the both of them through the worst that Cellar City has to offer, bodies, lightning and more questions following in their wake.

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