The Claiming by Cooper
The Claiming by Cooper

The Claiming by Cooper

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Read The Claiming by Cooper novel by Blair Cooper:

Jara is a werewolf who is about to turn 18, which means she'll be taking part in the annual declaration event where eligible men compete for a mate. Her younger sister, Mila, had been abused by her partner, and Jara's parents tried to exclude her from the claim group, but the elders insisted on getting her involved. Seth, Jara's older brother, is also involved in the lawsuit, and he promises to help her if she is claimed by someone who would abuse her. Jara received an envelope revealing that there were 236 eligible males, including 53 Alpha. Jara's only chance to escape the unclaimed status is if the Alphas kill each other during the claim event. Her father offers to run away, but Jara doesn't want to do it with Seth, who will lose his Alpha position if they leave. Seth promises to battle Jara every day to help her prepare for the claim.

Mason, an Alpha wolf, is gearing up for the annual proclamation ceremony in which eligible wolves can compete for Alpha females as mates. There are also four other female wolves available to claim. The competition is fierce, with many wolves fighting for the Alpha female. Mason and his Beta, Elijah, are determined to win this year, as they've been competing every year since turning 18 without success.

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