The Earth Shifter
The Earth Shifter

The Earth Shifter

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The Earth Shifter is an urban fantasy novel that goes through the adventure of Amber Baritt to discover her true self as well as her true powers while unfolding a non expected mystery. Amber Barritt is broke. She and her friends are nearly out of money and they all are looking for jobs after finishing their last year in college. Each in his own way. But what would they do if they knew that the Earth will soon stray out of its orbit, away from the sun and will be moving with a slower rout without a single sign of life on it? But on the other hand there's a secret way to prevent that from happening and the only ones capable of shifting the Earth back to it's orbit is Amber and her group of friends with a little help of some unusual talents. Could Amber be The Earth Shifter? WARNING: THIS STORY ISN'T FOR THE PEOPLE WITH NARROW IMAGINATION!

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