The Huntsman of Adamos (Quartet)- draft
The Huntsman of Adamos (Quartet)- draft

The Huntsman of Adamos (Quartet)- draft

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<<<Relic of Time Wars Series prequel.- postquel >>> . Yurieth is the firstborn of the House of Adamos and Yophriel, but he is destined to be a Master Huntsman, instead of an Oracle. His changed fate would take him from the forest of his family holdings to the battlefields of other worlds. War would cost him his friends, his family, his compassion, and almost his soul. Each peace would bring solitude as he retreated into his grief. Love and healing are tied to secrets and deception when a time-traveling warrior oracle arrives with a warning. The last year of the kingdom will test him, but in the end, prejudiced stubbornness wounds his heart more than any enemy. As the blind oracle he loves sacrifices herself to horror to correct the corrupted timeline and ensure the Cataclysm happens as it did happen. In the far distant future, Yuri spent a century after their hard won victory waiting for The War Oracle to go back through time to help save the Remnant of Aetheria. But the Past is no longer what he remembers, The Shadows are Changing Time itself to try to prevent their defeat and revive their Queen. After his sealed one returns from the Cataclysm, blind and scarred in body and spirit, she dies, or does she? He still can hear her singing. Bereft, he is visited by his mother and told the truth. He must search for his hope against the wishes of the Royals but will she know him?

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