THE JOINING: The Cycle of the Shards Book One
THE JOINING: The Cycle of the Shards Book One

THE JOINING: The Cycle of the Shards Book One

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A disgraced warrior from the other side of the universe joins forces with an average teenage boy in order to save Earth from an intergalactic war. 2000 Years ago, two powerful artifacts, called 'The Shards', were stolen. Critock, a lifelong soldier, chases his old friend down to return them to his planet's empire, but at the moment of truth he chooses to leave his friend-turned-enemy and the Shards frozen forever in a vast Ice field. Now, after being stripped of his rank and honor, Critock is called home with the promise of reward, only to find that he has one more mission to fulfill. His old friend is still alive, and hiding in a school on the unevolved planet 'Earth'. Using a quirk of their genetics, he has 'joined' with an earthling, absorbing their mind and taking over their body. They don't know who he joined with, they only know where. The plan is simple. Critock will go to Earth, join with an authority figure, and use their combined minds to uncover the Shards. But nothing ever goes according to plan. Distracted by a sudden attack, Critock accidentally joins with Kyle, a schoolboy, who is not pleased with the sudden takeover of his body. Now, with less than one day, Critock will have to overcome the resistance from his host, and find a way to uncover the identity of his enemy before the Shards wake...

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