The Moon Phase Trilogy | Protected
The Moon Phase Trilogy | Protected

The Moon Phase Trilogy | Protected

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Ericka Bluhm has a normal life: she has loving parents, crazy but lovable siblings, a best friend and a crush she drools over whenever he walks by in school. She has two jobs and she's getting excited about school. It's her last year of high school and she can't wait to leave. Just a week before school starts, she comes home after her camp job and sees something different about her home: curtains are closed, lights are off and the doorknob is scratched. Her mind went to a place she hoped didn't happen, but when she walked in the door she didn't like what she saw: house was trashed, her mother lying on the ground dead and her father no where to be found. She ran upstairs to her two sisters screaming and saw a dark figure hovering in the opposite corner of her sisters. The figure took a step towards her and knocked her out. After that incident she had felt strange rumblings inside of her. A week after that she meets a boy, who's staying with her best friend for the year. Ericka feels like he's following her around, but she can't prove it. What she CAN prove is that there is a blonde and white wolf watching her every move. The only real question is, why? Find out what happens with Ericka and her younger sisters as they go through dangers they've never seen before and grieve over their murdered mother. Along with finding out where their father went in such a big hurry.

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