The Nymph of Black Forest
The Nymph of Black Forest

The Nymph of Black Forest

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I am the last forest nymph. My NaNa lost her battle last night. We knew she would. Her wounds were too severe even for me to heal. Rogue wolves attacked my wolf when she was hunting and NaNa stopped them.. but I lost her because of it. Now I am alone. My mother was the mate of an Alpha… but he said he couldn’t be with her since she wasn’t a wolf. And left in the night like a thief. Momma died giving me life. Leaving my NaNa to raise me. I am a forest nymph/wolf hybrid. The only one. And the last forest nymph on earth. I am related to the Gods and Goddesses, although I am only a minor deity. A forest nymphs controls all elements..but I can communicate with all living things.. plant or animal. My home is a giant yew tree that was carved into a cottage long ago, by my PaPa. I never met him, but he lives in me. My wolf is beautiful. She is a sandy blonde with red tips on her ears, paws and tail. She told me her name is Edina. And she is my best friend! I can heal most anything..and most animals do my bidding. I can call on the elements, to aid me how I need them. Nana taught me what plants I need for poultices..tonics..and potions. I am a fighter..proficient in archery and the impalement arts. I am peaceful. But I am deadly.

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