The OAM Virus
The OAM Virus

The OAM Virus

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A virus left by an ancient civilisation is brought back to earth from Mars, humanity faces regression and End of Days, The fight for survival.... Such was the sheer volume of constant explosions impacting into the mountain that those within were thrown like rag dolls, and if it had not been for their genetic trans-human abilities, they would have died, as within sections of roof structures started to collapse and huge machines toppled over. There was the sound of what can only be described as a trumpet call, and a blinding flash of light, and all within the complex vanished, as did every Christian remaining upon planet earth. As they realised they were no longer in such danger they collectively materialised upon one of the huge angelic space ships, and even though it was being repeatedly attacked from the fallen space crafts, yet their weapons were unable to affect or destroy the mighty angelic craft. In the blink of an eye the huge craft entered sub-space and took its precious cargo into the highest heaven where they were greeted and taken to safety. Below the heavens, earth faced its final almighty battle and billions congregated together to fight against God. Such was the size of the army, their pride and might, that they truly thought nothing could prevail against them. These were the strongest of the strong, the ....

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