The Paths of Destiny
The Paths of Destiny

The Paths of Destiny

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To hear the scream of a supernatural being is definitely not one I would recommend to have on your list of things to experience. Prior to right then I had never heard one, and wish I never had. In a timeline different from our own, Robert Bixby Parker, a former member of the United Nations Organization's Peacekeepers, is a detective for the Miami-Dade Police and bestselling author of paranormal detective novels. He has been recalled from civilian life to join the investigative division of the UNO known as Security, Peace and Justice, aka the SPJ. The Paths of Destiny, coauthored with Ann Franchi, chronicles Parker's journey within the SPJ, as detailed in his journal entries. Within these pages, follow along and discover his inner thoughts and fears, his ties to a legacy begun over a century ago, and those who participated and aided in his rise within the SPJ.

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