The Resmar Murders
The Resmar Murders

The Resmar Murders

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Detective Sam Johnson and his partner Detective Hank Harvey are two of the best homicide detectives on the force; their specialty, in fact, lies in figuring out serial cases. But when a couple of cases start landing on their desks pertaining to a bunch of college kids, their minds come up with nothing. Start adding in the fact that a muscle relaxer seems to be the only drug in the victim’s systems, it’s even more of a mind scratcher to them. They can’t phantom why a killer would want someone to be alert enough for the kill, unless the killer is just that sick and twisted. Can the cops crack the case fast enough that the smaller town of Resmar can sleep peacefully again? Can they figure out the motive fast enough to give the residents a piece of mind? Can they stop the killer before the death count reaches double digits?

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