The Rise to Godhood
The Rise to Godhood

The Rise to Godhood

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Sensing that her death is drawing closer, The Supreme Deity of the Milky Way Galaxy decides to reincarnate into a human form to stop her demise. In the 1000th iteration of the universe, the True Maker senses that her death is drawing closer. In her visions, the only one who can save her is a human who is yet to be born. To prevent her death, the True Maker creates Gaia and sends her on a mission; to join the Zetan species and create the Garden of Eden on Earth to prevent humanity from going extinct during the Mount Toba Ice Age. On her quest to save humankind, Gaia meets the Zetan siblings Kailow and Areela, who escaped persecution on planet Zetani. Together they set out to find the magical Zeto Crystals, containing fragments of the True Maker's soul. Yet, there are others who seek the crystals for their selfish desires, corrupting the crystals to dominate others. Will Gaia be able to save humankind, or will the True Maker's interventions cause the very demise that she tried to avoid?

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