The Strays
The Strays

The Strays

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A decade has passed since a pandemic decimated the global adult population. Everyone over the age of 25 is dead, leaving a world full of kids and no governing bodies. Cities fractured into factions, and everyone does what they must to survive with the limited resources at their disposal. The story focuses on Caelyn Lewis and her return home to Cadence for the first time since the death of her younger brother Miles. Here she is reunited with old friends, and must face the ghosts of her past to save the future, Caelyn is forced to make many difficult choices to protect a family she never thought she'd belong to, as she grapples what might be her first love, grief, trauma and loss, as well as a vindictive, psychopathic stalker, that she had hoped she'd never have to see again. Can she prevent another cataclysmic event and preserve her newly formed relationships, or will she be forced to make an impossible choice? TW: Contains scenes of graphic violence and gore throughout the book. Also contains inferences to violence, sex and sexual assault. Graphic depictions of bodily mutilation and sexual violence contained within the last few chapters. Please Be Advised. This book is suitably recommended for those over the age of 17, though readers discretion is advised.

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