The Terror From Beyond the Void
The Terror From Beyond the Void

The Terror From Beyond the Void

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A TERROR! Not of this world. A HORROR! So grotesque, it will make your skin…well, hopefully not meet the same fate as some of those within these pages. It’s a story that takes place in the Timber Acres Camp Resort; isolated and quiet in the Pennsylvanian mountains. That is, until the booming crack of the atmosphere from above. A crash, a foreign … thing ... HAS ARRIVED. AN UNIMAGINABLE HORROR HAS BEEN UNLEASHED! THERE IS NO ESCAPING ...THE TERROR FROM BEYOND THE VOID! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND THE VOID is a sci-fi horror novella from Scott Donnelly (Mothman: Return to Point Pleasant, Creepy Project), inspired by classic sci-fi movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Blob, The Thing and War of the Worlds.

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