Time To Repair
Time To Repair

Time To Repair

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A political sex scandal set in the years 1986 and 2262. Different centuries but the same primal urges of man. The year is 2262. The world is recovering after millions perished in World War III. Technological advances, teleportation and a radical way of governing have reversed a rapidly declining and broken society. Could a long standing stalemate with Russia soon be coming to an end? Simon Kingsley’s recent promotion to the Northampton Museum of Humanity means he has a new start and can put the embarrassment of the incident in Bristol behind him. Can he stay out of trouble this time and keep his sexual urges under control? Hillary Jane is a dominant and powerful woman entrenched within the government. Her main objective is lasting world-wide peace with Russia. She is determined to succeed at any cost and won’t let anyone get in her way. Can the new team she’s assembled close in on the traitor from within? Will they sever the leak to the press that threatens to thwart her goal? At home her sexual desires and indiscretions have so far been kept between her and her devoted fiancé. Can she keep them that way? When fate throws Simon and Hillary Jane together one night in New York, a chain of events is unleashed that will destroy one of them and jeopardise the precarious peace process.

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