Trojian Horse
Trojian Horse

Trojian Horse

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Arien is confronted with a truth about his origins that comes with a responsibility he is not prepared for but he must bear it because his life, and that of his family, depends on it. Arien has rarely ventured beyond the city limits. Never alone. Life for Arien on the Edenic Trojian has been rather uneventful. That is, until he unwittingly becomes embroiled in an ancient war between the Vulpeculae, his adopted family, and the Dracien. Confronted with a path of secrets paved with good intentions and threatened by a relentless enemy that will stop at nothing to kill him - even bending the rules of space-time - he is forced to face the truth about who, or what, he is. Arien discovers that he has the power to finally end this war but that kind of power comes with a great cost. Thrust with the burden of his power he must rediscover his past to stand a chance to save his future.

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