Wayward Guardian
Wayward Guardian

Wayward Guardian

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What happens when humanities best inventions end up to be more than they can handle? Things can take some unexpected and drastic paths. Humanity is a truly interstellar people now, with worlds and colonies being claimed at a fever pitch. As the stars beckon, humanity turns to it's A.I. Guardian Cores to shoulder the burden of carrying them through the vastness of the space. The A.I. allow them to cross the gulf of space using the complex mathematics and reality warping attributes of the Jump Drive. Being such complicated machines in their own right, the Guardians are managed by technological enhanced humans called Advocates, who have the means to teach and control the Guardians on a level not possible with un-enhanced humanity. But what happens when the limits of this technology are pushed against? What happens when situations not planned for shake the system? For the crew of the Azure dream, these questions will be answered. For their Advocate and Guardian, new frontiers unlike any faced before, will become their reality. Everyone will have to be quick on their feet, and fast thinkers or else face the blackness of space with no way home.

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