We the People vol 2: Liberty or Death
We the People vol 2: Liberty or Death

We the People vol 2: Liberty or Death

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Living dead amnesiac Thane returns in the action-packed second volume of We the People. When Thane and her friends are transported back to 1777, can they stop an alien threat from altering history? Thane didn’t try to stop Sam as he reached back with his free hand. Face contorted like a stone age savage, he struck her across the cheek. Her face darted to the left, the right, and then the left again as he hit both sides of her face in succession. “That take care of your smart mouth?” Sam sputtered, his pockmarked face bright red. “I don’t know,” Thane said cheerfully, a line of thick, dark blood trailing from her mouth. “Let’s try it out. Ahem. I bet Stephen Hawking can hit harder than you.”

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