We, who Survived
We, who Survived

We, who Survived

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I have watched the stars ever since I was born, tried to keep their beauty in my drawings to present to my proud father. He had once told me how we used to live on the planet just under our feet, how we made the land support an ever-growing population and thrived with the animals. The picture of Earth in my mind was that of man walking hand-in-hand with nature, working together to benefit both parties. The image changed when my father told me of the wars and how eventually we were driven to leave Earth. "Too many armies and not a sufficient amount of wars to satisfy," he had told me at the end, thinking I was old enough to digest his words and not have dreams shattered. We had been taken out of Earth's natural balance 36 years ago when Trident saved as many people as they could shelter in their space station, S.S.H.R. (Space Station Human Revival). Though now it has become a prison for some of us younger, rowdier generations. No more space to grow and think freely. No escape from the bullies wanting blood.

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