White Wolf Hybrid
White Wolf Hybrid

White Wolf Hybrid

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Her name is Alexis Morris… and she’s just moved to Woodland Flats to live with her aunt after her mother passed away. She comes from a long line of witches, and while she doesn’t know who her father is, she does know he is a highborn werewolf. She knows this, because on her 14th birthday, she changed into a huge white wolf. Her wolf’s name is Arielle. Her aunt Helena owns the apothecary..providing potions, elixirs and herbs to all the locals…and is her only living relative she knows of. His name is Blake Sterling and he’s the Alpha of Sterling Moon Pack..a proud man, who doesn’t believe in true mates..he is convinced they make you weak. He hasn’t searched for her, because he simply isn’t interested. He enjoys the single life and likes things the way they are. What happens when he realizes the new witch in town is his mate? And what happens when he realizes she’s not impressed with neither his title, or his attitude? Are the tables turning on this arrogant Alpha? He may be in for the ride of his life!

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