YUUKI - To Move Forward: Prelude 1
YUUKI - To Move Forward: Prelude 1

YUUKI - To Move Forward: Prelude 1

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In a world infested by monsters of all shapes and hostilities, humanity has only managed to survive within four kingdoms surrounded by a protective wall known as the Barricade. Kazuki Yuuki lives his life as your average antisocial teenager with a dream to become a Slayer - warriors assigned with the task of destroying the Creatures of Shade outside of the Barricade. His dream is to attend and excel at Arcos Academy, the greatest school for training Slayers. However, old memories slowly begin to rise to the surface, and Kazuki will soon be forced to face a tragedy that he has long since forgotten about. Kazuki learns that if he is to survive in this world, he must abandon the generic facade he has hidden behind to define his existence once and for all. The gears of change begin to rotate, the final decade of this era in under way, and Kazuki finds himself in a desperate struggle of identity in the midst of this madness.

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